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The idea is that the Arts Campus will act as an arena for education, research and professional activities in architecture, design, art and digital cultures - a creative environment that is somewhat unique for Sweden, Europe and perhaps the entire world.

- We have very high hopes for synergies from the campus. It will be a powerhouse where the whole is greater than the parts, says Kjell Jonsson, pro-vice-chancellor and chair of the Arts Campus' steering committee.

A meeting place for creative solutions

In a later stage the old pulp mill will be converted into an incubator and help entrepreneurs by providing them with active, focused business support, office services, technical and commercial networks and financial support - all in the same creative environment. Researchers, students, companies and public organisations are all equally welcome.

Just like Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI), the Arts Campus' incubator will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Uminova Innovation.

- The establishment of the Arts Campus is of great importance for Umeå's trade and industry and cultural life. It will be a living meeting-place and for the general public too. The city's face now turns towards the river in a totally different way, says Umeå municipal commissioner Lennart Holmlund.

A few examples

The Umeå Institute of Design collaborates extensively with external partners and companies. BMW, Audi and Philips are standing in line to recruit the best students and all of 95% of the students have found employment within six months of graduating.

Umeå School of Architecture collaborates with the London-based engineering firm AKT and the Stuttgart-based engineering firm Transsolar, alongside many Swedish and international architects.

HUMlab has many collaborating partners around Sweden and the rest of the world. HUMlab is currently involved in a multi-year project, Media Places, together with Stanford University in the USA and Lund University in Sweden.

Bildmuseet has established itself as one of the country's most interesting venues for contemporary art ans visual culture. The museum collaborates with artists and art institutions all over the world and   received a Special Commendation from the European Museum of the Year.